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Quick and Simple Bites for busy schedules

Quick and Simple Bites for busy schedules

Kenwood, your perfect kitchen companion for healthy meals even when you're on a busy schedule. 🥰
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3 Resourceful Ways to use a Food Processor

3 Resourceful Ways to use a Food Processor

Discover endless possibilities with the versatile food processor in your kitchen.
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11 Traditional Delicacies During Hari Raya in Malaysia

11 Traditional Delicacies During Hari Raya in Malaysia

Are you ready? Hari Raya is round the corner!
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Top 6 Benefits of Pressure Cooking

Top 6 Benefits of Pressure Cooking

Pressure cookers have been around for a long time, but the thought of using one still does not appeal to some. This reluctance may be due to childhood memories of a screeching pressure cooker followed by an explosion that sent the evening's dinner splattering all over the ceiling in the kitchen.

Having a pressure cooker as a part of your food preparation equipment offers several advantages. Here are the six top benefits of pressure cooking:

1. Foods retain most of their nutrients and are tastier
Eating foods that are pressure cooked offers more nutritional boost than those cooked for longer periods using traditional cookware. The longer foods are cooked, the more nutrients are destroyed.

2. Saves energy
Pressure cooking is far more efficient than using multiple pots on separate burners, and can result in significant energy savings. This is because pressure cookers lend themselves to one-pot cooking recipes.

3. Saves time in preparing meals
Cooking time is greatly reduced as foods cook up to 70% faster when a pressure cooker is used, making it a handy tool to quickly get the meal on the table.

4. The kitchen is cooler
With summers getting warmer, as evidenced by the recent record heat waves across much of the country, reducing the heat generated by cooking is key to a cool kitchen.

5. Less cleaning is required
Cooking with regular stovetop pots tends to leave cooking residues on the stove top and control panel as well on adjacent surfaces such as walls and counters. Steam and oils escape from open cookware to settle on these surfaces, which usually requires some cleanup after the meal is cooked.

6. Pressure cookers can also be used to preserve food
Pressure cookers, of course, are also designed for canning foods to be stored for future use. This is why the larger models are often referred to as ‘canners’. Pressure canners usually develop up to 15psi, the high-pressure needed to cook and can foods, including meats and fish.

It is time to get past the mystery and hesitation in using pressure cookers. Not only are the modern versions of this cooking technology safer and much less annoying then the older cookers, but the benefits they offer are also too good to pass up.

This article is brought to you by GREG SEAMAN.

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8 Must Have Chinese New Year Recipes for a Lucky Year 2022

8 Must Have Chinese New Year Recipes for a Lucky Year 2022

Looking for recipe inspiration this Chinese New Year? Chinese New Year, or the Lunar New Year officially starts on Febuary 1, 2022 and it marks the transition between the Chinese Zodiac signs.
Now we're headed into 2022, the Year of the Tiger. ​Festivities begin on Feb 1st and run through Feb 15th, 2022 when the Lantern Festival starts, and traditionally includes getting together with family and kicking things off with a big meal on Chinese New Year Eve. 
What to eat for Chinese New Year - Lucky Foods
To help celebrate, it's common see the gifting of lucky Red Envelopes and to eat foods symbolic of the Lunar New Year. These dishes are served to give blessings and are auspicious as to provide prosperity, luck and happiness in the coming new year.

1. Chinese New Year Cake (Sweet Rice Cake)
A must have! Niangao is a very traditional sweet dessert made from sticky rice, the name of this cake (年糕 Niángāo) translates to mean "higher year" symbolizing increasing property. Steamed, then served as is, or lightly pan fried, this dish tastes like warm sweet mochi. Steam your own niangao at home with 3 simple ingrediets and this recipe.

2. Pork & Leek Potstickers
Potstickers or dumplings are considered lucky for wealth as they are shaped similar to gold sycees. You can think of these as representing pockets of money, so it's good to have lots of potstickers during Chinese New Year.

3. Traditional Whole Steamed Fish
Symbolic for a good year from start to finish, it's important to serve the fish whole (the fish head to tail which symbolizes the start of the year to end of the year). This fish recipe also makes for an impressive table presentation but is surprisingly simple and easy to cook with a short steaming time of around 15 minutes. Plus, you'll love the flavors of the ginger and cilantro.

4. Whole Chicken
Similar to the fish, the whole chicken represents unity and family. Usually it's served whole with the head and feet included, but unless you go to an Asian grocery store, these types of chickens are hard to find.

5. Longevity Noodles
Noodle dishes are often served during Chinese New Year as long noodles respresent longevity in life. As such, it's best to serve long noodles and take care not to cut or damage the noodles when cooking. For a delicious and savory noodle dish, try my Pan-Fried Soy Sauce Noodles using egg noodles which tend to hold up nicely in cooking.

6. Shanghai Rice Cakes Stir Fry (Savory Rice Cakes)

Similar to the sweet version of my Chinese New Year cakes dessert recipe, these oval cakes (年糕 Niángāo) are also made from sticky rice. Stir-fried with cabbage and your favorite meat or seafood, this savory dish takes less than 10 minutes to cook and will ensure you have a more prosperous "higher year".

7. Traditional Chinese Almond Cookies
Do you remember eating these when you were young? Since these Chinese Almond cookies are circular and baked in the shape of a coin, it symbolizes good monetary fortune. Plus it's a sweet dessert which counts having a sweet year! How do they taste? Simply put, the store bought versions are nothing like the taste of my recipe for these homemade ones. So buttery and flavorful, you won't be able to eat just one! ​

8. Hot Pot
Hot Pot is one of the favorite family style dinners and also great for family gatherings like Chinese New Year. With a pot of hot boiling soup broth in the center of the table and raw ingredients like sliced meats, seafood and vegetables off to the side, this meal is interactive and fun!
The ingredients can be dipped in savory or sweet sauces, or even eaten plain! The best thing about this meal is that everyone can cook and eat the ingredients they like. For extra fortune and luck, shop and prepare for these suggested items to add to your soup:
  • Mushrooms: Increased Opportunities
  • Noodles: Long Life
  • Dumplings: Wealth and Fortune
  • Meatballs/ Fishballs: Reunion

This article is brought to you by ANGEL WONG'S KITCHEN.

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Proven Quick Guide to buy the right Fridge

Proven Quick Guide to buy the right Fridge

While features and specs are important in purchasing a fridge, you should focus on one key element - your needs.

You may be tempted to get a powerful and stylish huge fridge, but ask yourself, ""Do I need this?"" Some things you should pay attention to includes:
✅ Your usage
✅ Your space
✅ Your affordable cost

Refrigerators provide cooling, which is necessary to keep your food fresh and safe. 
All set to get your fridge? Shop now at www.esh2u.com or visit our nearest outlets today!

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Kitchen Gadgets and Appliances you need for the Holiday Season

As the festive period rolls around, kitchen gadgets become your hero tools to save you time and stress as you entertain guests in your home.

1. Make prep a cinch with a good food processor

Who has time in the run up to dinner party to be finely chopping a heap of onions for a pasta dish after you've made the fresh pasta for it, or grinding up nuts and spices in a pestle and mortar. Make things easy for yourself with a good food processor that comes with a variety of attachments and can be used to do everything from whisk eggs to slice vegetables to grate cheese.

2. Have your dinner party half ready when you get home with a slow cooker

There was a huge trend for slow cookers in the last couple of years but if you missed it, you have probably been missing out. A perfect fix if you're planning to have guests over after work and won't have time to do any major prep once you get home, or even if you just like to cook your meat low and slow for that flavoursome and tender result.

3. Make after dinner coffees quickly with a coffee machine

Impress your guests and be your own at-home barista with a fancy pants coffee machine. You can make seven different coffees - a flat white, Latte, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, Ristretto, Espresso, and Lungo.

This article is brought to you by AOIFE VALENTINE SECOR.

Find out these kitchen appliances at https://www.esh2u.com/.


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How to bake a Rich Chocolate Cake with Tefal Home Chef Smart Multicooker

How to bake a Rich Chocolate Cake with Tefal Home Chef Smart Multicooker

There's no better way to complete your X'mas meal than with a luxurious chocolate flavoured dessert.
Just gather the ingredients and pop them into a multicooker.
Try out this recipe and let us know how good it is!

Gather your loved ones during this festive time and enjoy the precious moment while eating this delicious chocolate cake.
Just in case you need a multicooker, shop for one on our store at www.esh2u.com.
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