• One of the Best Air Fryers in Malaysia

    Philips Premium Airfryer XXL HD9860/99 Smart air fryer with a beautiful design Not only does the Philips Premium Airfryer add to the aesthetics of your kitchen, but its smart technology will also level up your cooking game. One of the best premium air fryers in Malaysia, it is armed with Smart Sensing technology, ensuring that your meals...
  • One of the Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners in Malaysia (2020)

    One of the Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners in Malaysia (2020)
     Philips SmartPro Easy Robot Vacuum Cleaner FC8794 4 effective cleaning modes with a 3-step process 5.8cm slim design for cleaning tight spaces 23 sensors for accurate navigation   This Philips Robot Vacuum Cleaner FC8794 is a great option if you don’t like messing around with an app. Instead, all you need to do is to push the...
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