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Your Everyday Helpful Cleaning Vacuums

Your Everyday Helpful Cleaning Vacuums

Your everyday cleaning is now quicker and easier with these helpful vacuums.
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5 Handy Vacuuming Tips For Hassle-Free Cleaning

5 Handy Vacuuming Tips For Hassle-Free Cleaning

Vacuum cleaner is an ideal device to keep your home clean and dust-free. Whether you need to clean the carpets, sofas or any other flat surface, a vacuum cleaner is a perfect appliance for you. With the availability of some of the top quality vacuum cleaners online, you can easily find the appliance that suits your specific needs. However, owning a vacuum cleaner will not meet your purpose. You also need to know the right way to use the vacuum cleaner to get the best results.

Here are some easy tips on how to use a Vacuum Cleaner for home:

Vacuuming Once is not Enough
Vacuuming the floor to remove dust and hair can be a tough task, especially if you have pets. Vacuuming the floor once is not enough as it will not remove dust and hair from the surface. You need to vacuum the floor multiple times to remove dust and hair from the floor and avoid chances of allergy. Use the vacuum cleaner in a crisscross pattern when vacuuming to remove dust and pet hair from the floor.

Change the Bag or Canister
Though an obvious cleaning tip, many people tend to avoid changing the bag of the vacuum cleaner. If you don’t change the bag regularly, you will have a tough time cleaning your home. If you have a bagged vacuum cleaner, ensure that you change the bag when it is 3/4th full. Waiting too long to empty the bag when vacuuming, the hose may get clogged and reduce the efficiency of the machine. If you have a bagless vacuum cleaner, start with an empty canister to get the best results.

Use Spot Treatment

An important point that you need to remember is vacuum cleaner can’t remove stains. As a result, you need to spot clean if there is any spill on the carpet or sofa. In addition, make sure that you treat the spill immediately so that you don’t find it difficult to remove the stain later. If you notice any spill when vacuuming, ensure that you clean the stain with a spot cleaner. This will enhance the vacuuming results and also keep the carpet in a better condition.

Choose the Right Setting
A very effective tip that you need to follow when vacuuming is to choose the right setting. Vacuum cleaners come with different settings which you need to adjust depending on your specific requirements. The setting of the vacuum cleaner needs to be changed depending on the height of the surface. As the height of the surface will change throughout the house, you need to change the setting of the vacuum cleaner accordingly.

Remove Small Objects from the Floor
When vacuuming the floor, ensure that you remove small objects from the floor. Clear all the clutter so that it gets easy to clean the floor. Clearing the clutter ensures that small objects don’t get stuck into the vacuum cleaner and ruin it. In addition, if small objects are scattered on the floor, it becomes difficult to efficiently remove the dust and dirt.

With these useful vacuuming tips for home, you can easily clean the floors without any hassles. Using a good quality vacuum cleaner on a regular basis will ensure that your home remains free of dust and pollutants.

This article is brought to you by KENT RO SYSTEMS.

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3 Bathroom Cleaning Basic to Learn in 2022

3 Bathroom Cleaning Basic to Learn in 2022

It's always good to learn something new in a brand new year. Check out these 3 basic cleaning routines for a squeaky clean bathroom throughout 2022 and other years to come!

In the spirit of new beginnings, it is very important to  make your home a more beautiful, efficient and clean place for new year. So you will have a fresh and comfortable living for the whole year ahead. 
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HIZERO Multifunctional Bionic Floor Cleaner Features

HIZERO Multifunctional Bionic Floor Cleaner Features

4 Innovative Main features

1) 4-in-1 dual wet and dry use
The portable Hizero employs a world's first with purpose-built dual-cleaning technology. It integrates weeping, mopping, drying, and self-cleaning all into one powerful cleaner. In short, a single Hizero is effectively 3 different cleaners: a vacuum cleaner, an electric wet sweeper, and a dryer.

2) Automatic Self-cleaning
Hizero also introduces an innovative water circulating system to achieve the twin actions of cleaning and self-cleaning. For instance, when cleaning the floor, it also cleans itself with fresh water, eliminating the time-intensive need to wash the roller after use.

3) Innovative waste disposal
Smart design means that the Hizero has simplified waste disposal by systematically separating the solid trash into a specialized trash container from the fluids which are collected in the water tank. This process is entirely automated and reduces the time overheads further during waste disposal.

4) Energy saving & high efficiency
With the Hizero floor cleaner (Hizero floor cleaner), an area of 100 square meters (approx. 1076 square feet) can be easily cleaned in only 8 minutes using just a small tank of water. This extremely high work efficiency means you save water, money and, most importantly, your time.

Alongside these standout main features, the Hizero Multifunctional Bionic Floor Cleaner also provided additional value in other ways:

• Easy to operate LED control panel with clear operational status

• Lightweight and portable, cordless design for maximum convenience

• Low noise design (less than 65dB)

• Charging cradle provided for self-charging

• Built-in Li-ion rechargeable battery (4 hours of charging for 80 minutes of using)

This cleaner certainly made a positive impression with the Gearbest staff. In a world where time is becoming an increasingly important and limited resource, we were impressed at the smart design and features.

This article is brought to you by GB Blog Official.

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You can be Tangle-free

Your hair isn't the only thing that gets tangled. Vacuum cleaners can tangle you up in knots too. Luckily enough, we have cordless vacuums to the rescue.
Happy cleaning with no more tangles!

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One of the Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners in Malaysia (2020)

One of the Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners in Malaysia (2020)

 Philips SmartPro Easy Robot Vacuum Cleaner FC8794

  • 4 effective cleaning modes with a 3-step process
  • 5.8cm slim design for cleaning tight spaces
  • 23 sensors for accurate navigation


    This Philips Robot Vacuum Cleaner FC8794 is a great option if you don’t like messing around with an app. Instead, all you need to do is to push the On/Off button, and this robot vacuum will get to work. You don’t need to set its path because it has the Smart Detection System 2 that is fitted with a total of 23 sensors. It can sense its surroundings and plot out the best route to follow to give you the best cleaning results.

    Even without an app, there is an option to set up a schedule for the vacuum to work, 24 hours in advance. As this robot vacuum moves throughout the room, its dual brushes push the dirt onto its path which allows the nozzle to suck it all up. Air that passes through this robot vacuum is also filtered through an EPA12 filter which effectively catches 99.5% of small dust particles. But that is not all, as there is a microfiber pad which follows-up by picking up micro pieces of dust which have been missed out on. You can also wet this pad to achieve an effect similar to mopping.

    Another plus point of this Philips Robot Vacuum is that it has a very slim profile that measures just 5.8cm. This means it can fit under furniture like your sofa, tv console or bed frames and clean up the dirt under too. Emptying the dust bucket is also effortless thanks to its functional design. You won’t accidentally touch the dirt and dust collected.

    Philips is a well-trusted brand in the home appliances category. The Philips Robot Vacuum Cleaner FC8794 is another excellent addition to their lineup, which would work great for any home.

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