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Holiday Favourites: Our Gift Guide for you.

Holiday Favourites: Our Gift Guide for you.

Keep your spirits high with the holiday cheer as we curate a guide for you to select the perfect Christmas gift.
There's always something for everyone at ESH. 🎁

There’s magic in the air at this time of year – It’s a time when we reunite with loved ones, a time to appreciate our families and cherish our friends. A time for spending precious moments together, sharing joy, laughter and holiday cheer.
In celebration of the seasonal spirit, we’ve curated an amazing range of Christmas gifts to help you create memorable experiences for your loved ones.

Shop now at https://www.esh2u.com/ to get your Christmas gifts.

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How to choose the right pressure cooker.

How to choose the right pressure cooker.

When you’re shopping for a brand new pressure cooker, there are many important ‎factors and features to consider. Here’s how you can choose the perfect pressure ‎cooker to prepare mouthwatering meals in no time!‎

First factor: Capacity
Depending on your food consumption, you should first check the pressure cooker ‎size. Clipso Minut Perfect hold up to 9L of food for example so you can even ‎prepare large batches if you have a large family.‎

Second factor: Material
A pressure cooker made of high quality stainless steel is more durable and helps ‎handling the high heat to cook main dishes such as hot French onion soup or ‎desserts such as a spongy Marbled coffee cake.‎

Third factor: Quick release:‎
Before you proceed and buy a pressure cooker, a quick release system can come in ‎handy. This way, you can release the steam as quick as possible and avoid waiting ‎for it to be released completely or putting the pot under cold water to cool it.‎

Now that you’ve got the perfect guide to choose a pressure cooker, make sure you ‎read carefully how you can use it for the first time and the how to use it in a safe way.‎

This article is brought to you by Tefal.

Learn more: https://www.esh2u.com/apps/omega-search/?type=product&q=PRESSURE+COOKER

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