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Sleep & Live in Bliss with our Hot-Selling Air Conditioners. Escape the Heat, Enhance your Sleep.

Sleep & Live in Bliss with our Hot-Selling Air Conditioners. Escape the Heat, Enhance your Sleep.

Hot, sticky nights should not be your day-to-day worry.
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Beat the Hot Weather

Beat the Hot Weather

No one likes that 'sticky' feeling from this hot and humid weather we’ve been experiencing. 🥵
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4 Tips to save electricity for Air Conditioner

4 Tips to save electricity for Air Conditioner

As the weather just keeps getting hotter, I’m so overwhelmed by the heat that sometimes I can’t even sleep at night. I want to turn on the air conditioner but yet worry about having to pay for a higher electricity bill! However! There are in fact a few simple methods that can help you to save on your electricity bill instead of spending more on it when using your air conditioner!

1. Temperature adjustment must not be set too low

Improper use of air conditioners will indeed increase power consumption. If not necessary, there is no need for a 16 degrees temperature setting because the lower the temperature of the air conditioner, the higher the power consumption, and it may make your body feel uncomfortable. It is best to set the air conditioner at 23-25 degrees for better cooling comfort and higher energy saving!

2. Clean the filter regularly

The filter is an important part of the air conditioner. If it is not cleaned for a long time, not only will there be smells when in use, but also higher power consumption, which is why it is always recommended to clean the filter every week especially for high usage air conditioner users.

3. Frequency-switch of air conditioners

Don’t assume that your air conditioner won’t badly affect your electricity bill if you frequently switch it on and off whenever in use. The more frequent the switch, the higher the power consumption. If you plan to leave the room for a short while. It is recommended to not switch off the air conditioner if you’re coming back to the room later.

4. Choose Inverter air conditioner

The inverter air conditioner (Inverter) is indeed more energy-saving compared to the general air conditioner (Non Inverter). The compressor of an inverter air conditioner runs at a consistent speed after reaching the set room temperature to achieve the power saving function as an air conditioner should not only be selected correctly, but also used correctly. Here I would like to recommend a new Daikin FTKF Standard R32 Inverter model air conditioner that is equipped with 4 powerful functions, including:

- ECONO Mode

To lessen your worries of an expensive electricity bill even if you turn on the air conditioner every day.

ftkf series econo mode goh liu ying

The new FTKF model helps to save energy and power consumption. This function limits both the maximum operating current and power consumption. Get this smart air conditioner that saves electricity, money and even has environmental benefits through R32!

- Green Tea Filter

To purify your indoor air for a healthy home
azizul ftkf green tea filter

Green tea filter is infused with catechins extracted from green tea, which can effectively capture and eliminate bacteria in the air. It also deodorizes the surface of the filter to remove unpleasant odors to ensure a better indoor air quality (IAQ).

- Smart Control

Control your home temperature anytime, anywhere

chan peng soon ftkf smart control

Just download the “Daikin Mobile Controller” app on your mobile device, and link it to your home wifi to control your home Daikin air conditioner anytime, anywhere. With this convenient feature, forgetting to switch off the air conditioner won’t be a hassle anymore as you can easily switch it off by using the app, which helps you save valuable effort and time.

- Durable PCB

Ensuring a longer service life

azizul chan peng soon goh liu ying ftkf

In most cases, a surge in voltage will damage your air conditioner circuit board (PCB). However, with this new design that has a better capability to withstand surge voltages, it can easily cope with large voltage changes (130V-415V), thus ensuring a longer lifespan for your air conditioner.

This article is brought to you by DAIKIN Malaysia.

Learn more: www.esh2u.com

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