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How to choose the right pressure cooker.

How to choose the right pressure cooker.

When you’re shopping for a brand new pressure cooker, there are many important ‎factors and features to consider. Here’s how you can choose the perfect pressure ‎cooker to prepare mouthwatering meals in no time!‎

First factor: Capacity
Depending on your food consumption, you should first check the pressure cooker ‎size. Clipso Minut Perfect hold up to 9L of food for example so you can even ‎prepare large batches if you have a large family.‎

Second factor: Material
A pressure cooker made of high quality stainless steel is more durable and helps ‎handling the high heat to cook main dishes such as hot French onion soup or ‎desserts such as a spongy Marbled coffee cake.‎

Third factor: Quick release:‎
Before you proceed and buy a pressure cooker, a quick release system can come in ‎handy. This way, you can release the steam as quick as possible and avoid waiting ‎for it to be released completely or putting the pot under cold water to cool it.‎

Now that you’ve got the perfect guide to choose a pressure cooker, make sure you ‎read carefully how you can use it for the first time and the how to use it in a safe way.‎

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