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11 Traditional Delicacies During Hari Raya in Malaysia

11 Traditional Delicacies During Hari Raya in Malaysia

Are you ready? Hari Raya is round the corner! It marks the end of Ramadan, or the fasting month, for Muslims worldwide, and especially here in Malaysia. So what follows a month of fasting? A whole month of celebrations and eating amazing dishes, many of which can only be found this time of the year.

1. Rendang

It goes without saying that in Malaysia, singing is synonymous with Hari Raya. Rendang is a traditional Malay dish made of coconut milk, spices, Ganges, lemongrass, shallots, ginger and kerisik (toasted grated coconut). Meats such as beef, chicken, or mutton can be used to make redanga. Long hours of cooking ensure all the ingredients and create the perfect symphony in your mouth. In many households, cooking begins after the last iftar (fast break) of Ramadan. The best way to know when your recipe is ready.

2. Lemang

Glutinous rice is cooked in a banana leaf-lined bamboo with coconut milk, which is made for a delicious treat. The filled bamboo tube is placed slightly upwards on a small fire and opens upwards. Regular turns are required to be able to cook, while Lemang takes four to five hours to cook. Cooking on an open flame gives Lemnag its distinct smoky flavor with a hint of a distinct effect - on the inside and creamy and slightly crispy and crusted on the outside, natural with a banana leaf aroma.

3. Serunding

The meat is served with grated coconut and spices until the texture becomes light and flaky. Like the rendang family, serunding comes in many forms - beef, chicken, fish, prawns or coconut searing. The intense effort and long-time making of this dish are well worth it, as the result is a delicious savory spice, perfect for eating with Nashik Impit, Ketupat Pallas or Lemang.

4. Nasi Impit

Nasi impitliterally is compressed rice. Basically, this rice is cooked until very soft and pressed on a baking pan. Another way to cook nasi impit is to put some rice in a bag, which is sealed and boiled for several hours until the rice is swollen and the bag is compacted. Due to the starch from the rice, the rice becomes firmer when cooled. Nasi impitis usually cut into cubes and savory fare is paid.

5. Pineapple tarts

Pineapple tarts are a favorite Malaysian cookie with many variations. They are enjoyed during many festivities in Malaysia including Eid. These are small, beige and curved pastries filled with pineapple jam. The pastry made from a well-kept family recipe encapsulates thick balls of jam, and the tarts are shaped and baked until golden brown. A lightly spiced jam blast while cutting into the outer pastry makes it the perfect cookie to celebrate Eid.

6. Dodol

This sticky joy is the main attraction of Hari Raya. If you live in a rural area, you will get the privilege of witnessing the difficult process of making dodol. Cooked on an open flame for at least six hours, the combination of coconut milk, palm sugar and pandan will turn into a toffee-like texture. This dish is really amazing at the time of Hari Raya. During the Durian season, you may also get a chance to taste Dodol Durian, which is the epitome of Malaysian cuisine.

7. Lontong

This coconut-based gravy is a good meal to have between all servings of meat. Dig into creamy cones of cabbage, glass noodles, tempeh, tofu and boiled eggs. This dish is made better by using fresh turmeric. If the smell of this dish does not make your mouth water, wait until you see it! In some states, you will be served some spicy sambal with your spices. So, impose your nasi-booty, mix it with lontong and have fun!

8. Ketupat

The traditional ketuput really impresses the viewer when it is presented with care. Its intricate diamond-shaped weave pattern is easy on the eye but difficult to master. The most synonymous symbol of Hari Raya, this popular delicacy is filled with plain rice, then boiled after the wrapper is completed.

9. Kuih

Talk about diversity and blindness, Kuih is the perfect definition of Malay cuisine, but as aesthetically appealing edibles. Each piece of each kuih is as delightful as the next. Raya is your reason for a workout.

10. Tepung Pelita

Lemang's double, Tepung Pelita is an excellent combination of coconut milk, sugar, and impeccable pandan flavor. Coconut seems to be a recurring theme in this list of must-eat dishes for Raya, but how do you replace these lush green packages with top consistency smoothly.

11. Satay

Satay is something that can usually be found year-round. Why is it in this list? The satay is meat on a stick (chicken, beef, lamb), which is grilled to charcoal perfection and served with pineapple or chopped cucumbers and pickled peanut sauce. It is actually very popular during Hari Raya as it is a large accompaniment of lumbong or ketupat.

The food list above is a sample of some traditional foods during Hari Raya month. Food is only the medium to bringing families together during this celebration.ย Cherish this moment with our loved ones especially during this difficult time.

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