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Greet Your Home with Eco-Friendly Electrical Appliances!

Greet Your Home with Eco-Friendly Electrical Appliances!

Show love to planet earth by using sustainable appliances

What better way to celebrate Earth Day than by choosing the right electrical appliances to support your mission of living green? Explore our range of electrical appliances designed to make your energy usage more efficient, leaving a positive impact on the planet in the long run!

Bye Chemical, Hi Steam Cleaning!

Efficient cleaning on multiple floor types, use only water!

Shark S1000 1050W Eco Friendly Steam Mop

Eco-Friendly Tech for Modern Kitchen

Add a splash of green to your kitchen with energy-saving refrigerator and retro-style kettle!

SMEG KLF03PGUK (Pastel Green) 1.7L 50’s Retro Style Electric Kettle &

LG GR-A24FQSMB French Door Objet Collection Refrigerator

Steam Away Wrinkles, Save Energy

Easy ironing with great energy efficiency, all at your fingertips

Braun SI1040GR 2000W TexStyle 1 SuperCeramic Soleplate Steam Iron

Of course, don’t forget to also implement the 5R’s in your life, Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle ♻️

Happy Earth Day to all 🌍!