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Laundry Made Simple

Laundry Made Simple

Master the Key to Selecting the Right Washing Machine - Top Load or Front Load?

When it is time to replace or buy a new washing machine, we often hear from customers that they cannot decide between a top load or a front load washing machine. The answer is highly dependent on your need and space requirement, as well as your budget 🫧.


About Top Load Washing Machine

  • Easy to load and unload

  • Can add forgotten items during wash cycle

  • Tend to be more budget friendly

Sharp ESX1021 10.5kg Top Load Washing Machine


About Front Load Washing Machine

  • Space saving for small space as dryer can be stacked on top

  • Can load while sitting down

  • Uses less energy and water

Sharp ESFK852EMW 8.5kg Front Load Washing Machine


Side by Side: Comparing Top Load and Front Load Washing Machine

For those who are facing this question now, fret not! Here’s a side-by-side comparison to help you decide better. Still have questions? Drop them in the comment or head to your nearest ESH outlet to ask our friendly staff!