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Cheesy Korean Spicy Chicken Wings | Philips HD9880

Cheesy Korean Spicy Chicken Wings | Philips HD9880


Cheesy Korean Spicy Chicken Wings 

Transform your Christmas feast with cheesy Korean spicy chicken wings crafted in the latest Philips HD9880 Airfryer @philipshomelivingmy These wings, marinated in a tantalizing blend of Korean spices, take on a crispy texture thanks to this latest air fryer‘s magic. As they sizzle, a generous layer of gooey melted cheese blankets each wing, infusing them with savory richness. The result is a festive fusion of spicy heat and indulgent cheese, perfectly cooked to a golden crisp in the air fryer. These wings promise a flavorful and hassle-free addition to your Christmas celebration, combining the best of Korean-inspired spice and the convenience of air-fried perfection.

Powered by Rapid CombiAir Technology & its Versatility with up to 22-in-1 cooking functions, this new HD9880 can go beyond air frying with adjustable airflow; High, Low & Dynamic, equipped with Integrated Food Thermometer too for the perfect result!

Machine: Philips HD9880 8.3L Series 7000 Combi Connected XXL Airfryer

Serving 10 wings + 10 drummettes
➡️2 tbsp Gochujang
➡️1 tbsp soy sauce
➡️2 tbsp Ketchup
➡️1 tbsp sugar
➡️1 tbsp garlic
➡️1 tbsp chili powder
➡️3 tbsp water

200c 15mins

Mozzarella + cheddar cheese
180c 10mins