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Panasonic CS-PU18AKH / CU-RU18AKH 2.0HP R32 Refrigerant Single Split Wall Mount Inverter Air Conditioner

☑ 1 Year Warranty [Indoor Unit]
☑ 5 Years Warranty [Compressor]

RM 3,619.00

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Panasonic Standard Inverter PU Series (AKH) features POWERFUL Mode for instant powerful cooling with just a push of a button. BIG FLAP/AEROWINGS* directs airflow further across the room. Stay connected with Panasonic Comfort Cloud App (optional network adaptor is required) to manage your air conditioners from one mobile device. Achieve energy efficiency without compromising comfort with ECO Mode with A.I. Control, Inverter technology, and R32 refrigerant.