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Sharp / TV

Sharp 4TC75FV1X 75 Inch AQUOS XLED 4K UHD TV

RM 24,999.00 RM 25,999.00

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AQUOS XLED is the new home entertainment TV that combines the best features of LCD TV and OLED TV. What you see in the real world is what you truly get on the AQUOS XLED. The Deep Chroma QD allows an extensive variety of color expressions. Red, blue and green colors are displayed in rich shades and tones for exceptional realism.

Key Features

  • 75 inch AQUOS XLED 4K
  • Xtreme mini LED -Truly sparkle. Experience enhanced contrast by the precise backlight control technology which enables to independently drive 2,000+ dimming zones.
  • Deep Chroma QD - The highest color representation in the history of AQUOS. More than 20% up* color gamut coverage area compared with conventional displays.
  • ARSS+ surround speaker system - 5 types (Height speakers -mid/tweeter, Subwoofer, Front firing -mid/tweeter) 11 speakers, total 85W.