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Breville BWM520 The No Mess Waffle Maker

RM 799.00 RM 859.00

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Crispy golden waffles without the mess

Say hello to classic waffles and goodbye to batter splatter.

Classic circular waffle maker.

We elevated the subtle art of waffle making by directly addressing its only trouble spot: batter splatter. The circular moat catches and cooks excess batter, keeping it in all in play. Browning control lets you choose from light and fluffy to crispy.


  • Capacity

1 Classic waffle (approx. 16.83 x 14.3 cm)

  • Construction Materials

Stainless Steel Housing Die-Cast Aluminum Cooking Plates

  • Dimensions

28.7 x 22.8 x 14.6 cm

  • Power

900 Watts

  • Settings

Browning Control Dial with 7 Color Settings

  • Thermal Pro Even Heat

Thermally engineered heating elements ensure even heat distribution.

  • Voltage

220–240 Volts