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Choose Your Cool Comfort

Choose Your Cool Comfort

Air Cooler and Air Conditioner, Which Is Your Right Choice?

Explore your perfect cooling companion this Ramadan 🌙 Be it air cooler or air conditioner, let us help you make the right choice. Consider the cost, energy consumption, functionality, room size and more to find the ideal cooling solution. 🤗



Air Cooler - How Does It Work?

✅ Uses evaporative cooling to reduce room temperature

✅ Hot air is blown through a water-soaked pad.

Honeywell TC30PEUI 30L Water Tank Capacity Evaporative Air Cooler


Air Conditioner - How Does It Work?

✅ Uses a chemical compound called refrigerant to product cool air.

✅ Take in warm, moisture-rich air, cool room with dry, cold air.

Daikin 1.0HP Non-Inverter R32 Single Split Air Conditioner FTV28PBV1MF/RV28PBV1M



Energy Cost ➡️ Less Costly | Higher Cost

Humidity ➡️ Can Help Increase | Can Dehumidify Air

Maintenance ➡️ Require Daily Water Refilling | Require Servicing

Environmental Impact ➡️ Low | Higher


Need help? Let us know in DM or visit your nearest ESH outlet for friendly assistance!