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5 Tips To Blow Dry Your Hair Correctly

5 Tips To Blow Dry Your Hair Correctly

Myth: Hair dryers are the cause of frizzy and unruly hair.

Blow dry your hair with our tips today to get smooth and shiny hair or even style it the way you like it!

Tip 1: Apply heat protectant before putting heat on your hair.

Blow-dry your hair when it’s about 60-65% dry. Firstly, towel or air dry. Then blow dry by running hands through hair for a bit before using a brush.

Tip 2: Use The Nozzle.

Hair dryer attachments should not collect dust in drawers! Use them to direct heat on the cuticle to get the smooth, silky look.

Tip 3: Some tricks from the salon!

Use fingers to push your hair up and blow dry the roots to give your hair extra volume.

Tip 4: Start at the right place - the root!

Use a round brush starting from the root and brush down to the end, concentrating on your partings. Once the roots till midway are dry, roll the brush to the ends and finish drying.

Tip 5: Choose the right hair dryer.

An ionic dryer will dry your hair faster, reducing drying time while being gentler to your hair. Remember! Keep drying time to a minimum and use a heat protectant.

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