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BiOLUX EOS7130-HG HOS Series 3 in 1 Hydrogen Fountain

RM 12,888.00

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This product come with built-in exclusive patented high-efficiency gas-water mixing device to enhance the sterilization of ozone water and the degradation of pesticide residues, and the reducing power of hydrogen-rich water. It also using a patented membrane electrode to electrolyze the hydrogen and oxygen generator, it is indeed a separation of hydrogen and oxygen.



Model: EOS7130-HG

Ozone Water:

Concentration - 6.0 - 1.0 ppm

Flow Rate - 180 LPH (3.0 LPM)

pH - Neutral (Does not change the pH value of water)

Hydrogen Water:

Concentration: 1.0 - 1.2 ppm (1000 – 1200 ppb)

Flow Rate: 90 LPH (1.5 LPM)

ORP: 550mV

pH: Neutral (Does not change the pH value of water)

Pure Hydrogen:

Flow Rate: 40ml/min (≥99.999%)