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Air Purifier Myth

Air Purifier Myth

Debunk Air Purifier Myths with Us!

Let's debunk some common myths and get the facts straight🧐 Whether you're considering buying one or already have one at home, it's essential to know the truth behind these misconceptions.

Myth: Air Purifiers Are Redundant with Air Conditioning

Fact: Air conditioners are not as effective of dedicated air purifiers, because the latter target much smaller particles of pollutants.

Dyson Purifier Cool TP07 (White & Silver) Air Purifier

Myth: Filters in purifiers never need changing

Fact: Regular filter changes are essential for optimal performance.

Philips AC0650 Series 600i 44m² Compact Air Purifier

Myth: Air purifiers won't work if the windows are open

Fact: Modern air purifiers are designed to continuously filter indoor air, regardless of open windows. However, keeping windows closed can help with its effectiveness.

Blueair 48m² Blue Max 3250i Air Purifier