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Your romance with rice starts here

Your romance with rice starts here

Happiness is a fragrant and pipping bowl of rice. Agree? 🍚

Indulge into a satisfying bite of rice with your ultimate cooking partner - the Electrolux ERC6603W 1.8L ErgoSense Rice Cooker with 9 cooking functions.

Have it all in one pot today!
⭐ Quick cook
⭐ Slow cook
⭐ Soup
⭐ Keep warm
⭐ Reheat
⭐ Jasmine rice
⭐ Congee
⭐ Sticky rice
⭐ Brown rice
⭐ Steam
⭐ 12 hours keep warm
⭐ 24 hours timer

Cooking rice had traditionally been a process which required the utmost attention to ensure the rice was cooking properly. Electric rice cookers automate the process by mechanically or electronically controlling heat and timing, thus freeing up a space on the hob and the attention normally reserved for rice cooking.

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