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What Is The Energy Efficiency Label?

What Is The Energy Efficiency Label?

It is not complicated! Choosing the right air conditioner that matches your budget and energy consumption goal is made easier when you know how to read the energy efficiency label. Making the right choice can help save cost in the long run, and reduce carbon footprint created by electricity generation 🌍🌱

What Is The Energy Efficiency Label?

The Energy Commission issues energy efficiency labels to manufacturers who meet energy performance standards. These labels indicate the estimated energy consumption of an electrical appliance.

What Are The Information on The Label?

Energy Rating: 1 to 5-Star

Appliance Type

Energy Consumption (in kWh/year)

Testing Standards Used

Appliance Energy Rating (Equals the Number In The Energy Rating)

Information On The Brand And Model

Energy Savings Compared to The Lowest 2-Star Rated Product (In Percentage)


Does More Stars Means More Efficient?

In short, yes. This is rated based on comparison with other models of the same size. 5 star means the most efficient, 1 star means the least efficient. With the star ratings, you can estimate how much electricity (kWH) the appliance consumes!