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Top-loader vs front-loader — which works best for you?

Top-loader vs front-loader — which works best for you?

Ease of use:
Top-loader washing machines are more traditional and can be easier to use. Unlike front-loaders they stand at a convenient height, so you won’t have to adopt various yoga positions while loading or retrieving clothes. Better still, if you ever forget to add a final sock (or any other item), you can still pop it in, mid-cycle.

With often larger capacities, and better lint-collecting capabilities, top-loaders can also be cheaper and faster.

And the winner is… top-loaders.
Top-loaders may be less gentle than front-loaders with your clothes as some washing machine brands have agitators or paddles that result in friction, which is harsh on fabrics.

When it comes to water use, front-loading washers come out on top, too. Front-loaders may use 40 percent less water than a top-loader, on average. Want to join the energy-efficient washing machine club? Pick a Panasonic washing machine with ECONAVI smart technology. It detects your laundry load and water temperature to optimise water volume and wash time.

And the winner is… front-loaders.
Installation efficiency:
With many people opting for smaller, cosier homes, it helps to have a washer that doesn’t take up much space.

Nowadays, vertically stacked arrangements are being favoured by homeowners. The fact that you can stack a front-loading washer on top of a dryer can be a real benefit. No wonder most washers and dryers are now designed for stacking compatibility.

And the winner is… front-loaders.
Odour-free living:
Some users find that front-loading washers suffer from the growth of mould in a particular spot: the rubber around the door. Why don’t top-loading washers have this problem? Because gravity causes the water forming at the door at the top to drip down.

To help deter weird smells, whatever your type of washing machine, allow your machine to dry between cycles with an open door. 

And the winner is… top-loaders.

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