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How to get a better night’s sleep?

How to get a better night’s sleep?

In a world where hustle culture prevails and to-do lists reign, we often overlook sleep. Sleep, or lack thereof, could affect your mood, relationships, job performance, and your immune system. It could make a positive difference to your overall health and well-being - if done right. Adults need an average of seven to nine hours sleep daily. Besides getting sufficient sleep, the quality or uninterrupted sleep, is also crucial for good quality rest and to recharge our body. So it’s imperative to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.To succeed, studies show that all it takes is to set the mood like the right lighting, temperature, timing, and good air quality — things that could be achieved through simple habit changes. But acquiring clean air is not as easy. Pollutants indoors are more concentrated than outdoors due to the lack of ventilation, and pathogens emitted from machines and cleaning supplies. Breathing this air over long period may disrupt your sleep with incessant coughing, and sometimes may cause serious respiratory problems. Try to keep those snores in check and get a good night’s rest with these tips:

Defeat dust
Keep your bedroom free of any invisible pollutants floating in your home such as dust, pet dander, mould, and smoke particles to prevent blocked airways, especially during the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) stages of your sleep. This is where breathing deepens and cognitive abilities are improved. Rest easy with the UltimateHome 500 Air Purifier’s five-step filtration system that thoroughly captures these along with odours and other harmful airborne substances. Its UV light layer also removes 99.99% of bacteria so you’re ensured a continuous and healthier sleep.

Keep air moving
A well-ventilated room helps you sleep faster, and it can also positively impact your next-day performance, a study suggested, so it’s recommended to keep a window open while you get some shuteye. Let the UltimateHome 500 do the job so you avoid uncomfortable drafts or outside pollutants. Its spiral outlet creates a robust whirl to efficiently distribute clean, filtered air in your room.

No noise allowed
Not only can noise keep you from falling asleep, it can also prevent you from getting quality snooze. The sounds that don’t wake you can still shift your sleep stage to a lighter one, resulting in a fragmented sleep pattern, irritability, and poorer mental state the next day. While we can’t fully eliminate noise, using earplugs and turning off electronics are a great start. Investing in appliances that produce less sound can also help, like the UltimateHome 500, you can set to Sleep Mode for a barely noticeable hum even at maximum speed.

Build an evening routine
Before turning in for bed, slowly wind down to condition your mind that it’s time for rest. This may include a shower, skincare, or reading a book. Whatever gets you sleepy quicker, the better.
Include activating your UltimateHome 500 in your routine since its intuitive touch user interface makes it easier for you to adjust the air quality to your liking. With a few taps, you’re ready for bed.

Stay in bed
A continuous rest is best. You get the full benefits of sleep when you cycle through its different phases, and this requires a straight seven hours worth of bedtime. However, it can be halted when air quality levels fluctuate. And it can be a bummer to wake up in the middle of the night to manually adjust your fan. Trust in your UltimateHome 500 to do it for you. Its laser sensors evaluate air quality and automatically adjust fan speeds accordingly so you stay in bed longer, breathing cleaner air. Before following these tips, the first step to good sleep is knowing that you need it. Try making small lifestyle changes to prioritise it, like using the right technology, such as the UltimateHome 500, so you can easily and effectively rest — because sleep is for the wise, not the weak.

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