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Capturing perfect moments - VIVO V20SE

Capturing perfect moments - VIVO V20SE

VIVO has released the V20 SE smartphone – part of the all-new V20 series – in Malaysia. 

A realisation of vivo’s commitment to user-centric design, V20 SE offers innovative selfie capabilities that allow users to record and capture the perfect moments in their lives.

 WITH cutting-edge camera technology, trendy design, and strong all-around performance, V20 series devices perfectly complement the lifestyles of young, fast-moving, and fashion-savvy consumers.

V20 SE’s 32MP front camera gives users a fun and accessible means to elevate their selfie experience.

The device offers a range of interesting stickers and special effects, as well as convenient photo and short video production and sharing, satisfying the consumer need of connecting socially through fun selfie photos and videos.

Super Night Mode – supported on both the front camera and the main lens of the 48MP-8MP-2MP rear camera setup – enables users to capture high quality shots at low-light scenarios.

V20 SE sports an ultra-sleek and light design, with a 3D glass body measuring 7.83mm thin, to complement the expressive and trendy style of young consumers.

The 6.44-inch FHD+ AMOLED screen also delivers remarkably crisp images, making images and videos come to life.

In Malaysia, the V20 SE comes in two stunning colours: Gravity Black and Oxygen Blue.

The price of V20 SE starts at RM1,199.