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8 ways to prepare your kitchen for Christmas

8 ways to prepare your kitchen for Christmas

With all the cooking and festive feasting, it’s safe to say that your kitchen is the focal point of your home during Christmas. That’s why it’s a good idea to make sure your kitchen is clean and tidy beforehand, ensuring things will run smoothly for the season to come. From space-saving advice to organisational tips, read on to learn how you can get your kitchen well and truly prepared!

1. Make more room

Take a look around your kitchen and decide which appliances, utensils and items aren’t necessary. Then move these things off of worktops and store them elsewhere, making some much-needed room for all the coming cooking and food preparations.

2. Clear your fridge and freezer

Check your fridge and freezer and, if needed, clear some room for all the Christmas food you’re going to store. This most likely involves eating the food you already have so try to plan ahead with meals. To help, you could even get your hands on an extra shelf to make even more storage space.

3. Prepare your accessories

Once you’ve cleared away everything you aren’t sure to need, make sure you have all of the kitchen accessories you will need beforehand too. This will help you cook without delays or interruptions, and will ensure you don’t suddenly realise you’re missing a vital kitchen accessory or utensil when it’s too late!

4. Clean your cooker

A dirty oven can emit bad smells, and burnt-on grease and grime can foul your food during cooking. Get your hands on some oven cleaner and make sure your appliance is spick and span to avoid this potential disaster.

5. Make a schedule

Even the most organised chefs and bakers fall behind from time to time, so making a schedule will help you keep your cool during the Christmas cooking. Make a list of everything that needs cooking, along with all the right times for preparing specific dishes and ingredients, and save yourself a load of stress.

6. Don’t forget your dishwasher

Your oven may do all the cooking, but your dishwasher has to clean up when the feasting is over. Make sure your dishwasher is up to the task by making sure it’s in working order. And, if you find you’re in need of a dishwasher cleaner and descaler or even a spare part or two, head over to our collection of dishwasher spares and accessories.

7. Get your microwave ready

Speaking of other appliances, your microwave will likely be used a lot alongside your oven to help with the Christmas cooking. Give it a good clean, make sure it’s working properly and replace your turntable or get hold of an extra rack with our microwave spares.

8. Make things festive

Finally, once your kitchen and kitchen appliances are ready for the festive season, make sure your kitchen looks the part too. Get the decorations out, light some scented candles and blast some Christmas music to get yourself in the seasonal spirit!

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