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5 Benefits of Instant Water Heater

5 Benefits of Instant Water Heater

What is an Instant water heater?
It’s in the name, an Instant Water Heater heats water without storing it and provides a stream of hot water in a flash. Instant water heaters are also known as demand-type water heaters. When you turn on the tap, the cold water travels in the tankless unit through a pipe and comes out from the tap heated as per your required temperature and saving energy in the process. From having a good heating mechanism to providing an aesthetic look to your home, an instant water heater will refresh your every day without getting heavy on the pocket.

Let us look at the various benefits of Instant Water Heaters:
1. They are long-lasting:
Instant water heaters are designed to last longer. The life of traditional storage water heaters spans between 7 to 12 years. However, an instant water heater usually has a warranty of 10 to 15 years and can go on for two decades if maintained properly. In terms of return on investment, instant water heaters are a much better option as they continue to add value to your home for a long time.

2. Space saving compact design:
One of the very important benefits that appeal to the homeowners is the aesthetically pleasant compact design of the instant water heaters. Instant water heaters only require the right amount of space, unlike storage water heaters that take up much space because of their bulk size. Hence, instant water heaters are a common sight in single-person apartments, tiny houses, and other residences of similar size.

3. Instant hot water supply:
With an instant water heater in the house, there is no shortage of hot water. Traditional storage water heaters can heat only a certain number of liters at once, but with an instant water heater, you will have a consistent water supply at any point. Hence, you will not have to sacrifice functionality for energy efficiency and space.

4. Safe to use:
For families, especially those with young children, safety is of primary concern. Though any electrical appliance is to be used with care, instant water heaters are much safer than storage water heaters, as they hold very little water, the threat of overheating or leakage is much lower than that of storage water heaters.

5. Save’s energy and money:
The instant water heater may seem like an expensive investment at the beginning compared to a traditional storage water heater, but in the long run, the return on instant water heaters surpasses the initial cost. And it makes it a wise financial decision in the first place. The instant water heater can cut monthly bills significantly with their energy efficiency, saving not only the money but also the energy. You can save around 20-50% energy by switching over to an instant water heater.

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