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10 Chinese New Year Traditions That Will Bring Luck In 2022

10 Chinese New Year Traditions That Will Bring Luck In 2022

Chinese New Year, Spring Festival, or Lunar New Year is celebrated on February 1, 2022. More than lanterns and dragons, Chinese New Year is done differently depending on the country where it is celebrated. If you want to bring luck in 2022, you better try these traditional Chinese New Year practices to start the year right!

10 Ways To Attract Good Fortune This 2022 Chinese New Year
We can never have enough luck in our lives, and this Chinese New Year is the perfect time to up our good fortune game. Here are 12 dos that you should get started.

1. Hang New Year’s Couplets in your windows and doors. Chinese couplets are red papers with written Chinese poetry and greetings about wellness, happiness, prosperity, luck, health, and longevity.

2. If you run a business, or you want to advance your career, place coal or golden garlic in a plate inside your house/place of business.

3. Turn on all the lights and open all your windows to allow luck and positive energy to enter your home.

4. Prepare these 7 lucky foods on new year’s eve: fish, dumplings, spring rolls, sweet rice balls, good fortune fruits, nian gao and longevity noodles.

5. Prepare tangerines and oranges. According to the Chinese, tangerines represent wealth while oranges bring luck. Their bright colors also symbolizes gold which means fortune in Chinese.

6. Be sure to do some cleaning before New Year’s Day. Cleaning rids your house of any huiqi, or inauspicious breaths, collected over the year.

7. Give Hong bao or red envelopes filled with crisp bills. They are such a big part of the Chinese New Year traditions. Be sure to give an even-numbered amount except with amounts starting in “four” because it signifies death in China.

8. Wear a dash of red! In Chinese culture, red is a lucky color. It also symbolizes happiness, vitality, and long life. You might even want to wear lucky red skivvies.

9. February 7, 2022, is 初七 (Chūqī), believed to be the day people were created. On this day, spending time in nature is especially lucky for all!

10. Be sure to light a few firecrackers during the new year, as the noise is said to drive away Nian (a terrible monster with evil energy) and negative energy.

Are you excited for Chinese New Year this year? It's a precious moment to reunion with family members! 

This article is brought to you by China Admissions, Christine Chiu.

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