NSB (Oak / Mahogany) 43" Aeratron FR DC Motor Ceiling Fan

NSB (Oak / Mahogany) 43" Aeratron FR DC Motor Ceiling Fan

RM 1,559.00 RM 1,588.00

The 2D three-blade FR series was designed to provide the same efficient, silent, eco-friendly experience as the 3D models at a more affordable price. The FR ceiling fans provide quiet, smooth and even airflow for a perfect living environment, all year round. Aeratron fans are especially popular in conjunction with airconditioning, reducing energy consumption by up to 50%, while promoting a healthy environment. While ceiling fans are traditionally installed in warm climates, Aeratron fans are increasingly being used in cooler climates in conjunction with heating systems to disperse warm air evenly across spaces.


 • Diameter: 43” / 1092mm

 • Height: 10.8” / 275mm

 • Motor: DC motor

 • Number of Airfoil(s): 3

 • Airfoil Material: ABS

 • RPM / CFM at Max: 43” 205rpm / CFM5062

 • Energy Consumption: 43” 3W min / 18W max

 • Light kit: N/A

 • Remote Control: RF 6 Speeds

 • Voltage: 240 / 50Hz

 • Mounting System: Bracket

 • Net Weight: 43” 4.7kg