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Kuvings E7000R Refreshed Romeo Slow Juicer

RM 3,098.00

Refreshed Romeo is the latest member of the Kuvings family. Ravenous Romeo has had a big makeover, and now incorporates the best of what Kuvings has to offer. Romeo keeps his desirable sleek red body, and adds the latest top set design from Kuvings. Romeo now takes the "drop, juice, drink" motto to a new level. Gone are the days of requiring to use a pusher to push down fruits and vegetables to juice.


- Wide Chute 240 watt motor

- 50 RPM

- Upgraded juice bowl, auger and strainer

- Quiet

- Easy to Clean

- Convenient Smart Cap provides drip-free operation, juice mixing, and quick rinsing

- Store juice up to 72 hours


- Color: Pearl Red

- Type: Millstone Method (Masticating)

- Speed: 50RPM

- Power Consumption: 240W

- Rated Voltage: 240V

- Size: 228 x 208 x 484(H) mm

- Weight: 6.7KG

- Maximum Use: Less than 30 minutes

*Warranty:  10 years (motor & auger), 1 year (spare parts)*