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Dafni Allure Cordless Hair Straightening Brush DH1.20B

RM 888.00

DAFNI ALLURE is an innovative CORDLESS hair straightening brush, incorporating the most advanced hair care technologies, ensuring easy, quick and safer results. The ALLURE has a fast USB charge in under 2 hours and has a 30 minutes usage time at constant 185 degree heat for 3 average heads of hair!
The ALLURE also has a battery indicator and 3 lithium iron batteries which charge with a USB fast charger. Simply brush your hair and it will be straight and smooth within minutes. No clips or need to divide your hair into subsections.
DAFNI ALLURE is made of high quality materials, and was developed based on revolutionary technology and a unique patent pending 3D ceramic surface design. It remains constant on the top recommended temperature of 185 ̊ which is healthier for your hair and enables you to effortlessly look great.

Product Descriptions

  • First ever Cordless Straightening Brush! 
  • This incredible innovative technology allows you to take your ALLURE on the GO
  •  Includes thermal cover, case and detachable cord for easy storage when you are travelling
  • USB fast charger
  • 30 minute usage time which equates to straightening 3 average heads of hair in one full charge
  • Heats in under 90 seconds
  •  Straightens your hair in minutes by simply brushing
  • Maintains 185 ̊ temperature with every stroke - all the heat you need to change the shape of your hair whilst reducing damage to your hair with less brush strokes at a lower temperature
  • Dual-Voltage
  • Dafni’s patented 3D heating element allows for 10 x more hair to be straightened in a single stroke then regular straightening irons. Have straight hair in 5-10 minutes (on average)
  • 1 year warranty