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Bosch WOA168X0SG 16kg Silver Inox Top Load Washing Machine

RM 2,299.00 RM 2,899.00

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Perfect washing results without damaging clothes

Key Features

- PowerWave Pro is a combination of the innovatively designed impleller and the dynamic waterfall system. It ensures laundry is thoroughly cleaned with both up/down and circulating movements delivering the best wash results without compromising care for clothes.

- The VarioInverter motor is a powerful, durable and highly efficient motor that provides optimum washing performance that is backed with 10 years warranty.

- SpeedPerfect reduces the wash cycle time by upto 20% without compromising on wash quality

- One touch Start automatically selects the optimal programme & settings for your laundry load

- Soft Closing Lid provides a gradual lid closure to ensure an injury-free and silent closing of the washer lid


* 2 Years Warranty by Bosch Malaysia