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Gas or Electric Stove?

Gas or Electric Stove?

Which Should Be Your Best Friend In The Kitchen?

Gas Stove or Induction Hob - Let’s Break It Down

Whether you cook for a big family or only enjoy doing it when you are free, your kitchen isn’t a complete one without a cooking stove! While gas stoves have been well-loved by generations of cooks, the introduction of induction hob has spark a new debate among cooking enthusiast.

Gas stove and induction hobs have their pros and cons, let us make it easier to understand ⬅️ Regardless of your choice, Rinnai has a range of gas and induction hob that will fit your needs:


What’s Good About Gas Stove?

  • Faster cooking time
  • Affordable up-front cost
  • Can be used with most pots & pans

Rinnai RB-713N-S 3-Burner Built-in Gas Hob

What’s Good About Induction Hob?

  • Temperature precision
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with safety feature

Rinnai RB-5022H-CB 52cm 2-zone Induction Hob

Differences Gas Stove Induction Hob